Name: Diamond Rank
Price: 14.99 USD

If you purchase this package, you'll be granted with the Diamond rank on the server. This rank contains exclusive access to commands and perks. There is a list below with some of the exclusive perks you unlock with the Diamond rank.

  • A prefix displayed in chat and on our Discord server.
  • A reduced deathban to 20 instead of the default 30
    • Receive 17x Starter Key, 15x Mythic Key, 17x 2020 Key, 8x OP Key, 8x Lives and +$600 in-game balance!
  • Access to donator chat and donator VC in the Discord!
  • When you kill someone you get there head.
  • Able to use /repair to repair tools armour etc
  • Able to use /rename to rename any item (With colour codes)
  • Able to do /craft
  • Able to do /feed
  • Able to do /bottle
  • Get access to the GKitz below:
    Heavy Bard

    This rank is permanent and will never expire.