Name: Golden Rank
Price: 4.70 2.35 USD


Gold Rank

Purchasing the gold rank will grant you exclusive gold benefits.

 Global Perks:

• Queue Priority Access
Level 2 Queue Priority, bypass all ranks below you in the queue.

• Stand out in the game with a unique prefix.


• /craft 
(HCFactions & Kits)
this command is for crafting
   things, much faster.

 /feed (HCFactions & Kits)
 this command is to fill in the
  lack of food.

 /reclaim (HCFactions & Kits)
this command serves to claim
your fabulous keys.

/enderchest (HCFactions & Kits)
this command is used to 
open an enderchest anywhere.

/rename (HCFactions & Kits)
With this command you can give 
a unique touch to your items.

 /near (HCFactions & Kits)
With this command you will
be able to observe people near you.

⚔️ HCFactions Perks:

• Reclaim
Keys: 8 silver keys, 3 elite keys, 2 Luyten keys, Koth keys 1
Lives: 2 (HCFactions) 

• Daily Reclaim 
Keys: 2 Silver Keys, 1 Elite Keys

⚔️ KitMap (Pots) Perks:

• Reclaim 
Keys: 12 reward keys, 3 Koth keys, 1 event keys

• Daily Reclaim 
Keys: 5 reward keys, 2 Koth keys

⚔️ Practice (EU) Perks:

• Events (/Host)
Ability to host Sumo, Parkour
TnT-Tag events

• Ping & Elo Range
Fully Customizable in the
settings menu

• Visible in Practice spawn
Make yourself stand out

• Announce your party
Access to announce your party
(/Party alert)